Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vote for Dylan

I'm at it again...we have entered Dylan into a little contest at a local radio station and are asking for your support. Please go to this link,, and select #159. You will then receive an email that you will need to open and click a link to confirm the vote.

You have until Nov 13th at 11:59am (mountain time). I know this is a little silly, but I am after all, the contest queen!! Nothing to lose, right?!?

Thanks for your support!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

My morning...

I had to share with you what I saw this morning as I opened the door to let our dogs out...this GIGANTIC spider...AAAHHH!! My first thought was that it was a tarantula, then I was able to gain my composure, a little, and realize it wasn't brown and furry (it was grey and furry, eewww). I don't know what kind of a spider this is, but I do know that it scared the crap out of me. Needless to say, I killed it (sorry Chad)...I was not going to let other spiders know they could get that close to my house and still live, it was a message!!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The many faces of Dylan

This child seriously cracks me up with her different faces. She has looks that could kill!! I have a feeling we are in BIG trouble...she already rolls her eyes at me. really!!

On the move!!

Here is a cute video of Dylan walking....she is getting so big!! I found this and decided it was too cute not to share!

Friday, September 19, 2008

It's soccer time!!

So, both the boys are almost half way through their soccer seasons. It has been so much fun. Forrest is playing with Sparta this year and plays 3 times a week and is practicing twice a week. Chandler is still playing Sandy Soccer, he plays once and practices once...definitely keeping us busy!! They are both doing so well!! Forrest is a right forward (most of the time) and scores at least a goal a game...usually two or three!! He has been called up to play Thursday nights with a team that is 2 division higher than his "home team" .

Chandler prefers goalie, but has been played at a bunch of different positions this year. He usually plays at least half the game as goalie and is awesome!!
Jon, Dylan, & I are having a blast watching them do what they love. I did finally take a couple pictures at Forrest's game last week and will post some of Chandler playing when I remember to pull out the camera (hopefully this weekend!). I put in a couple of Chandler and Dylan hanging out at Forrest's game.

Yes, even playing soccer, he manages to block the picture...seriously!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


We finally celebrated Forrest's birthday...he decided he wanted to do it at Lagoon!! We went on Saturday and had so much fun. I love going on the rides and had to sit out last year (due to being 9 months pregnant!), so I was in heaven. We all got to do our favorites...Jon & Forrest - Wicked (several times)...Chandler - The Bat and Flying - Samorai (sp?). I was even able to talk Forrest, my mom, and both of Jon's parents into doing Samorai with me...SO MUCH FUN!! Dylan was so good, she just chilled in her stroller for most of the day. We did try to take her on the Merry Go-Round toward the end, she didn't like that much! She was fine until it actually started to go...then she wanted off :)

Doesn't Dylan look so big in this picture?

Monday, August 18, 2008


(This post was supposed to have gone out on the, it's a little late!! And, I do have video, but am having problems downloading it (keeps saying that the file is corrupt, no matter how many times I re-download it))

So, Dylan is officially walking. Over the weekend, she just decided that she would rather walk than crawl most places. It is so much fun to watch her as she wobbles around!! She has been working on it for about a month now. At first, she would only walk to Jon and Chandler...but now, she goes pretty much everywhere on foot.

Friday, August 15, 2008


So Forrest turns 14 today...what!?! Time flies...just yesterday, it seems, he was a little 6 year old boy, in his tux, at our wedding!! I really can't imagine my life without him...he is one of the best kids I know. He is a terrific son, brother, grandson, you name it!! He reminded me today that he only has 2 years til he can drive...aaahhh.
Hope you have a great day...we are so proud of you and we love ya!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dylan's ONE year Dr appointment

Just thought I would update everyone on Dylan's one year Dr appointment. She weighs 18 lbs 12 oz and is 28 inches tall...just a little thing still. I was asking the Dr about moving her to a front facing car seat...he estimates that she will be 15 months at the sad!! Developmentally, she is doing well and she seems to be healthy...yeah!! Still not walking...although, over the weekend, she did take 6 steps on her own. She loves to just stand and balance, then dance. She gets a kick out of herself when she dances while just standing there. She has to look around to make sure everybody is watching, then just starts's pretty cute!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dylan is ONE!!!

Wow...where did time go? Dylan turned one yesterday!!! It seems like last week that I was in the hospital staring at her and wondering how I was going to take care of that tiny little thing. With a little (or lot) of help from all my wonderful family and friends...we made it to one year!!!
She has been such an amazing baby and we can't wait to experience "toddler" years with her.

We had her birthday party on Saturday at a little park here in our neighborhood and invited a few close friends and family...very quaint. There was a little mishap with the sprinklers at the very beginning, but once we found the shut off valve, we were good. Dylan did great...once she got a feel for the cake, she went in no handed. It was so cute!! Thank you to everyone that came!!! I have to give a huge thank you to Forrest for being the photographer...he did such a great job!!!

A little update on her development...she is chatting up a storm. Some of her favorite words are...doggie, kitty, hi, mama, dada, out (outside), baby. She is not walking on her own yet, although I think it could be any day now...We're not in any huge hurry:) She just started waving and now (as of Saturday) starts clapping when you say "yay" to her.

Grandma Meadows with the Birthday Girl

Proud big brother, Chandler...and you wonder where she gets her looks!!! Dylan is a miniature of him!

Aja and one of her beautiful daughters, Sophia...her other daughter, Mia, was off playing on the playground

My cousin, Ashley's, little girl, Brea. She is only two months older than Dylan, such a beautiful little girl!! She and Mia were helping Dylan open her presents.

Ashley and Brea...Brea found a puddle and was just splashing around

My dad and Jon, trying to figure out the sprinkler thing!!

Opening presents!!! She got such fun things...thanks everyone!!

Dylan's own personal cake...just the round one in the middle!! We would be in big trouble if she were to eat all of that!!

Awww...finally, the cake. Here she is testing the waters a little

Grammy T giving Dylan a little pep talk and kiss!!

Here is Jon trying to help her "find her way"!!

At this point she gave up on the hands and just dove mother, like daughter!!


Trying to share with cute!!